I believe a person with a serious interest and proper instruction can build a split bamboo fly rod. No doubt it takes dedication – and requires an investment in both time and some basic tools. The bottom line: as Ron Barch, editor of the Planing Form Newsletter affirmed You can learn to make a cane rod from this video”.

Read more: I've put together a two-disc DVD rod building journal that lets you look over my shoulder as I build a Garrison 7' 6" trout rod. Step-by-step, I take you through the basic building process. You'll listen, watch and learn how I build a split bamboo fly rod from start-to-finish. It’s like getting personal, one-on-one instruction right in my workshop.

From splitting the bamboo culm, planing, heat-treating, varnishing and even lathe-turning a cork grip, every important step in the process is demonstrated – and easy-to-understand. The on-screen menu allows you to quickly navigate through the entire building process – allowing you to go right to the section you’re interested in. The set includes a slim, double-DVD protective case and the total running time is 2+ hours!

Of course, reading about the building process is important and there are some really good sources out there – I recommend these notable works: A Master's Guide To Building A Bamboo Fly Rod by Everett Garrison & Hoagy CarmichaelHandcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods by Wayne Cattanach and The Planing Form Newsletter, Ron Barch, Editor. All are excellent, if not essential. But as good as reading is, to me there's nothing that beats actually seeing with my own eyes.

These DVDs don’t just hit the high spots and leave the details to your imagination. They’re a visit to a rod builders’ workshop – where the real work gets done and the details get explained. Once you see the building process unfold step-by-step, you'll have the basic knowledge to build your own split bamboo fly rod! My DVD set is perfect for beginners and intermediate builders who want to actually see how it’s done. This is an excellent way to learn if you don’t have the time or resources to attend an expensive in-person workshop.

Here’s what you get: The building process is demonstrated in two comprehensive DVDs – with over 2+ hours total running time. Here's a listing of what you are going to see and learn on each of the two DVDs:

DVD Disc One:

• Splitting the strips from the bamboo culm

• Straightening and preparing the bamboo strips

• Rough planing the strips

• Binding and heat tempering the bamboo strips

• Planing the strips to the final taper dimensions

DVD Disc Two:

• Gluing the bamboo strips into blanks

• Fitting ferrules

• Guide wrapping

• Cork grip turning on the blank in a lathe

• Varnishing and finishing-out the fly rod ready for fishing

View two very short youtube video clip samples by clicking here: Turning a cork grip and Planing a bamboo strip

Ordering is simple. Just click the Buy Now button to process your order with a credit card or a Paypal account – Paypal is FREE for buyers – no account needed to use your credit card. The DVD set will be shipped via US Priority Mail.

Here’s what Ron Barch editor of the Planing Form Newsletter had to say in a review of my DVD series:

“Joe Loverti, long-time friend of the Planing Form has put together an extremely detailed video instructional series for the aspiring rod maker. Joe has been making cane rods since 1989 and along the way kept a video journal of the process and his experiences. His video journal documents the complete step-by-step process of building a bamboo fly rod and is a real positive assist to future rod builders.

The series is divided into two parts and takes the apprentice rod maker from splitting the culm to varnishing and finishing.

This video is not for the accomplished rod maker, as it goes into such great detail that at times it becomes cumbersome. But if I were new to the craft and did not have a mentor or the cash to pay for a class this is a wonderful way to start.

Joe doesn’t assume or talk down; he provides solid, detailed instruction at a pace that is not intimidating. You can learn to make a cane rod from this video.”

Ron Barch

Editor, publisher

The Planing Form Newsletter