Few things can equal the pleasure of owning and fishing a one-of-a-kind, hand-made Split Cane Fly Rod. A quality-built cane fly rod represents a pinnacle of the craftsman’s art. Today, this art is alive and well. In fact, some of the finest cane fly rods ever made are being built today by a small number of dedicated craftsmen. This web site is devoted to those who love split cane rods.  I'm pleased to offer my services to those wanting to own an heirloom-quality cane fly rod, and those who wish to learn to build a cane fly rod for themselves. For more information please email me at: canerods@gmail.com

Note: While I no longer sell Split Cane fly rods to the public, I am keeping this website on-line as a source of general information for those interested in Split Cane fly rods and also to offer aspiring cane rod fly rod builders a source of hands-on instruction to build their own cane fly rods. See DVDs section for complete details on my 2-disc DVD video journal that shows how I build a Split Cane fly rod, from start to finish.


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